Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ultimate DIPA Tasting

Tasting my Ultimate DIPA 

This turned out pretty well, but not quite as well as I'd hoped

Appearance: slightly hazy, I didn't use finings because of the stainless dry hopper. I didn't want to gunk it up.

Aroma: Good, but one hop seems off.  my guess is the Amarillo, possibly the Mosaic. I've use much more Mosaic than Amarillo so that's where my money is.

Flavor: this is where this shines, the hop stand really comes through and presents a full, mouth coating immediate hop flavor. Fruity, piney, bitter.

Mouthfeel: A bit thin, I expected that based on the grain bill and mash schedule.  I was going for a classic 18th century IPA, which mush have had a very low FG

Overall Impression: Pretty good, not as good as I'd hoped.  I'm my own harshest critic, everyone else who's tried it has loved it.

What I'm changing next time:  Mashing a tiny bit higher, less bittering hops, swapping out to some more traditional american hops, maybe the 4 C's

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