Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ultimate DIPA Tasting

Tasting my Ultimate DIPA 

This turned out pretty well, but not quite as well as I'd hoped

Appearance: slightly hazy, I didn't use finings because of the stainless dry hopper. I didn't want to gunk it up.

Aroma: Good, but one hop seems off.  my guess is the Amarillo, possibly the Mosaic. I've use much more Mosaic than Amarillo so that's where my money is.

Flavor: this is where this shines, the hop stand really comes through and presents a full, mouth coating immediate hop flavor. Fruity, piney, bitter.

Mouthfeel: A bit thin, I expected that based on the grain bill and mash schedule.  I was going for a classic 18th century IPA, which mush have had a very low FG

Overall Impression: Pretty good, not as good as I'd hoped.  I'm my own harshest critic, everyone else who's tried it has loved it.

What I'm changing next time:  Mashing a tiny bit higher, less bittering hops, swapping out to some more traditional american hops, maybe the 4 C's

Monday, August 11, 2014

Parti-Gyle Disaster


I had a couple beers going into kegs from primary, and I decided I would do a parti-gyle mash to make 10 gallons, to pitch 5 gals with a slurry of each.

The previous beers were an american trappist clone, and a cascade lager, itself made with a slurry pitch from the lager yeast from my split batch, so it was 3rd generation.  The cascade lager was a kit I'd come into, and didn't really need so I was just having some fun with that, by brewing it as a lager, dropping some of the hops as well.

Recipe & Method

Here is the recipe for the parti-gyle batch:
18# 2 row
3# white wheat malt
2# Munich 1(7L)
.5# Caravienne 20

The plan was to take the first runnings, and make a Belgian Tripel, and take the second running and make a lighter lager.

the Tripel hops:
1oz perle 6.4aa @ 60 min
10 grams magnum at 12.4 aa @ 60 min
7 grams stryrian goldings 3.0aa @ 15 min

the lager hops:
1 oz styrian godings @ 60 min
10g magnum @ 60 min
1oz saaz @ 10 min

I built a spreadsheet to track the gravity as I drew off the wort, by taking a refractometer of the runnings every gallon, as well as the total gravity of the entire pot every gallon.  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Split batch tasting

Split batch tasting

This was a 10 gallon batch, brewed 5/31/2014

Here is the recipe:

Pilsner MaltWeyermann16.001.0381.081.0
Vienna MaltBriess3.001.0343.015.2
Acidulated MaltWeyermann0.251.0301.01.3
Mash Efficiency:75 %19.751.0522.8
Hallertauer MagnumGermanyPellet12.01.00Boil6024.0
SaazCzech RepublicPellet2.92.00Boil6011.6
SaazCzech RepublicPellet2.52.00Boil102.9


Guest Tasting: Imperial Stout

This was passed to me via a friend of a friend

I'm referencing the BJCP guidelines, although I'm not a judge

A very gentle hiss upon opening, this pours thick and very-dark-brown-to-black leaving no head, just a faint ring of foam around the edges:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Ultimate DIPA

I love IPA. And I really love DIPA. Where I live, in Utah, all beer over 4.0% ABV must be sold in state run liquor stores*. They do not keep anything cold, so if you love that big fresh hop flavor, it can really be a crap shoot, especially spending $6-10 on a bottle of questionable providence.

I've been burned many times, and it's not like you can return the shit. You open the bottle and immediately get hit with wet cardboard, stale malt and hard candy. And you know, the worse it tastes now, the better it probably was, the worst I've had was Jamil's Heretic Brewing Evil Cousin, I bet it was spectacular when it was fresh.  So I brew a lot of IPA/DIPA. I would estimate 60% of my output is one of those styles

This recipe was the result of combining many years of experience of cloning the world's top IPA's, crafting my own recipes, and some reading I'd recently done, Mitch Steele's excellent book "IPA"