Sunday, August 3, 2014

Split batch tasting

Split batch tasting

This was a 10 gallon batch, brewed 5/31/2014

Here is the recipe:

Pilsner MaltWeyermann16.001.0381.081.0
Vienna MaltBriess3.001.0343.015.2
Acidulated MaltWeyermann0.251.0301.01.3
Mash Efficiency:75 %19.751.0522.8
Hallertauer MagnumGermanyPellet12.01.00Boil6024.0
SaazCzech RepublicPellet2.92.00Boil6011.6
SaazCzech RepublicPellet2.52.00Boil102.9


Half was pitched with Wyeast 2007 Pilsen Lager, the other half was pitched with Wyeast 1007, German Ale

I followed a standard lager schedule- held at 52f until gravity hits 1.025, then let temp rise to 68 to complete. Then slowly bring back to 38f, about 3 degrees per day. then racked to keg and lagered for 4 weeks

The ale was fermented at 68f

The FG on the lager was 1.013, the FG on the Ale was 1.010

I initially tapped the kegs in mid July, both were rather cloudy so I added some gelatin for finings and gave it another few weeks.

Here is the final result, 8/3/2014:

Enjoyed with a home made pizza:

The glass on the left is the ale, the right is the lager. The lager came out very clear while the ale still has a haze.

They smell similar, although the lager has that light sulfury smell expected in lagers.

Taste: the lager is crisp and clean, very good. It's really my first successful lager, my previous attempts have stalled out with a FG over 1.020 and never acquired that crisp lager character.  The ale is malty and smooth, as this yeast is prone to do. It is usually crisp, but not next to the lager.  the bitterness level is fairly low, and I went light on the aroma hops and that comes through.  

Final thoughts: The ale would be great, if it wasn't being compared to the lager.  The lager blows it away.  I usually use this ale yeast with a maltier base, with munich & vienna providing all the fermentables.  I think I may try this experiment with my normal 1007 recipe and see if the lager still wins out.

I attribute the lager success to a 5000ml flask I received this year, I had tried smaller 2L starters and multiple packs of dry yeast, but having a 4L starter of wet yeast proved to make the difference.

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