Monday, July 28, 2014

Ultimate DIPA

I love IPA. And I really love DIPA. Where I live, in Utah, all beer over 4.0% ABV must be sold in state run liquor stores*. They do not keep anything cold, so if you love that big fresh hop flavor, it can really be a crap shoot, especially spending $6-10 on a bottle of questionable providence.

I've been burned many times, and it's not like you can return the shit. You open the bottle and immediately get hit with wet cardboard, stale malt and hard candy. And you know, the worse it tastes now, the better it probably was, the worst I've had was Jamil's Heretic Brewing Evil Cousin, I bet it was spectacular when it was fresh.  So I brew a lot of IPA/DIPA. I would estimate 60% of my output is one of those styles

This recipe was the result of combining many years of experience of cloning the world's top IPA's, crafting my own recipes, and some reading I'd recently done, Mitch Steele's excellent book "IPA"