Monday, July 28, 2014

Ultimate DIPA

I love IPA. And I really love DIPA. Where I live, in Utah, all beer over 4.0% ABV must be sold in state run liquor stores*. They do not keep anything cold, so if you love that big fresh hop flavor, it can really be a crap shoot, especially spending $6-10 on a bottle of questionable providence.

I've been burned many times, and it's not like you can return the shit. You open the bottle and immediately get hit with wet cardboard, stale malt and hard candy. And you know, the worse it tastes now, the better it probably was, the worst I've had was Jamil's Heretic Brewing Evil Cousin, I bet it was spectacular when it was fresh.  So I brew a lot of IPA/DIPA. I would estimate 60% of my output is one of those styles

This recipe was the result of combining many years of experience of cloning the world's top IPA's, crafting my own recipes, and some reading I'd recently done, Mitch Steele's excellent book "IPA"

I've brewed clone recipes of :
  • Pliny the Elder
  • Heady Topper
  • Avery Maharaja
  • Bells 2 hearted(single IPA)
I've also attempted crafting my own clone recipe of Southern Tier's Un*Earthly, and recently brewed the mad fermentationist's "fortunate islands"

So this recipe is the culmination of everything I think I've learned. I'll update it with tasting notes once it's carbed.

6 gallons into primary
1.080 OG
1.010 FG
unreasonable IBU

Grain Bill:
Pale Malt, 2-RowBriess12.001.0371.072.7
Maris OtterCrisp3.001.0383.018.2
Sugar, CaneGeneric1.501.0461.09.1
Mash Efficiency:75 %16.501.0813.7

Thats it! no cara, crystal, dextrine

60 min @ 145 at 1.1 qts/lb
add boiling water to get to :
156 for 30 min

This is intended to finish as dry as possible, hence the lack of non-base malts and mash schedule.

Kettle hops:
FWH 1 oz CTZ @14%AA in hop spider
90-30min: 2 oz palisade, in hop spider
pulled out spider with 30 min left
1 oz columbus for 30 min, 1z centennial  10 min

Whirlpool/Hop Stand:
flame out- .75 each of mosaic, centennial, cascade, chinook. Held for 15 min.
It had cooled to 185f in that 15 min. at that point, added again the same hop bill as flame out, held for 10 more min. was at 178 when cooling started

cooled quickly to 65, pitched 2 packs of US-05

fermented for 12 days @ 68

Dry Hops:
added 1oz mosaic, 1 oz citra, 1 oz cascade, 1oz centennial, .5 oz chinook
purged secondary with co2
racked to secondary
let settle for 3 days, then blew c02 up through the hops on days 4 and 5:

The connector, I remove a ball lock fitting and have this M-M connector attached to a swivel nut, hose & racking cane

bubbling up through with co2

I recently purchased one of these dry hop canisters from Stainless brewing which I review in another post
This is my first time using it:

I had purchased 4oz, 1 each of citra, amarillo, centennial and cascade.

It barely held 2 oz. I opted for the amarillo and cascade:

Tasting notes coming soon!

*In recent years you can buy stronger beer directly from local breweries for the same price that the liquor store sells it. They are allowed to keep it cold, and I do purchase from my favorite Red Rock Brewing, Squatters/Wasatch at the Beer Store, and the upstart Epic

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