Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Backpacking Island Lake 7/16/2016

In 2011, there was so much snow in the uintas that we couldn't get in until mid July, so by coincidence, this trip was 5 years to the day of the last time I spent the night here

There was still considerable snow on the ground that tip, and we lost the trail a couple times becasue of it
This was 2011, you can still see snow on the far bank:

No snow this time.

The walk in was uneventful, the sign at the trailhead says 3 miles to Island, but my repeated GPS measurements put it at closer to 4-4.25

We got the same campsite, on a little peninsula right near where the trail first encounters the lake


Backcountry Alfredo- not some freeze dried just add water junk, I bring cream, butter, garlic, parmigiano reggiano and make it the right way.

Liberty Creek boxed merlot- this was pretty solid for wine out of a plastic cup

Epic- escape to colorado IPA
Squatters- Hops rising double IPA
Bitburger premium pils
Burnetts Sugar cookie flavored vodka

Bro and bro in law:

Me and my brother:

had a good nights sleep with the help of a Unisom, and the hike out was fast, mostly downhill.

Trail and wildflowers around long lake:

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