Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Backpacking Mohawk Lake 6/25/2016

I had gone to this lake about 5 years ago with my bother and have been wanting to return. It was a huge lake, and we had it all to ourselves.

Here's a pic from that trip:

It's about a five mile hike, but you have to walk past 2 other lakes to get there: Grandaddy- the biggest natural lake in the Uintas, and Betsy, comparable in size to Mohawk. I suppose that's why this lake seems to get so little traffic.

On the way in we passed a hippie with a big canvas backpack from the ~60's and a large bedroll. I would estimate 70lbs. And he was wearing leather flip flops.

When we arrived at Mohawk, my brother-in-law had it all to ourselves. A couple fishermen walked through, but that was it, no one else.

The neatest part of the trip- after we'd set up camp, had some dinner and a couple beers, we set off to look for a nearby lake, Marsell, that doesn't really have a trail to it.

On the way there we found some cliffs, where you could see for miles and miles:

My brother in law taking in the view:

Having some fun taking pictures in the setting sun:

Then back to camp, a few more beers and a rough night's sleep, always a little hard to sleep at that elevation.

Nothing eventful on the way out, made good time, about 1:40

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